Han Hoogendoorn

Peter Hardsteen

Back at Home.

Here we are enjoying a glass of beer, looking to the opera house in Sydney , realizing we will soon 
be home.
The thirty-day rally caravan has ended, and tomorrow everyone will be packing their bags and going 
of in a dozen different directions.

We signed up about two months before the start.
Two hectic months of paperwork and car preparation followed.
The five-year old Subaru with 140,000 kms on the clock needed long forgotten technical attention, 
bottom protection, , longer shock-absorbers and 15 inch rims with 195/70R/15 Continental 
Vanco-six ply light truck tires.

Our intention was to start without real competition purpose, we wanted a nice leisurely time, but after 
the first day and fourth place our mind changed and we started taking the competition more serious.
But we have some adjustment troubles with the Rally-Computer, and we drop back on the end of the 
first week to a thirteenth place.
After a phone cal to Swedenís Coralba helpdesk for resetting the computer, came we bit by bit back, 
on a third place with a different of two seconds on number four on the last day keep we the third place 
as finish result in the evening.

We enjoyed each day of the event, the twisty roads through the mountains, the gravel stages, 
and the scenery of Europe .
We will never forget the hectically road traffic of India and the outback of Australia .
I particularly enjoyed the overnight tent camp with the cozy barbecue at Mungarranie.


The Subaru gives never up, we heard in all the thirty days of the event from almost 17,000 kms of hard working not one sing of protest or tiredness.

All in all, a great time with good weather and plenty of fun.

We are thinking of coming back another time in the near future.

Han Hoogendoorn and Peter Hardsteen