32ft Voyageurs Hudson Bay Fur Trade Canoe.
Around 1300 km journey from Eagle Plains Yukon Territory.Ca to the Dalton Bridge Alaska.
Eagle River, Bell River, Porcupine River and Yukon River.  



"Voyageurs passing a Waterfall" by  Frances Anne Hopkins 1869

"Canoes in a Fog" by Frances Anne Hopkins 1869

Line Plan of a 4 Fathom "North Canoe" built by Cree Indians.

Strip Building Construction.

Bended Ash Wood  Ribs.

Outside Covered with a Polyester Skin and Inside impregnated with Oil.

Painting Traditional Ornamentals.

Ready for Transport to Canada.  

Loading the Canoe on the Eagle River, Demster Higway.

"Voyageurs at Dawn" by Frances Anne Hopkins