Dear visitor,

Why this website, well itís for everybody whoís interested in designing or drawing on a computer.

As industrial product designer I have seen a lot of changes over the years.First you started an assignment by making a sketch or drawing.
After innumerable changes you began, with an elaborate assortment of tools, to make a model out of wood, clay, plastic, paint, in short: everything that came in consideration to create a new product. And then in the long run being able to admire it, feel it and assess it.
But even the slightest change most of time meant you had to start over. All in all a time-consuming matter, but also a creative one, you worked with your hands, you created something, and you felt you were an artist. With the introducing of computers a lot changed.
And in a short amount of time I started to see the advantages. I got fascinated of drawing and designing on the computer, with an AutoCad programs you were able to copy and change unlimited. But it had one disadvantage, sharp tight lines with a precision of three or more numbers after the comma gave printed designs no feelings, it had no life in it, or in other words: it didnít have a face.
But even that is now outdated, with programs like Rhino-3D NURBS Modeling, and Flamingo it has become possible to make sensational realistic creations in an easy way. It is a pleasure to play with shapes, colors and light with nothing more than a mouse and a keyboard.

On this personal site, with my passion for design, in particular the industrial revolution (for example: Art Deco), youíll only find creations and designs that I liked to draw.
Thank you for paying attention to my website and please drop by once in a while to look at some new creations.

Han Hoogendoorn